Aug 9, 2011

Firewood for the Winter

Getting ready for this winter means buying wood early before prices shoot up and good hardwood is difficult to come by. Alex and I purchased 3 and a 1/4 pickup truck loads for $225. Which was $75 per load with 1/4 load bonus. No one around here sells wood by the cord. So we have to settle for truck loads.

I'm betting this amount of wood will last us through the winter. We even still have a little bit left over from last winter. Which, being our first foray into wood burning, was quite green. The man we bought our newest batch from told us this wood from told us it wasn't seasoned. But, it's much more seasoned than last years. There are even some bits that I would say were cut months ago. This year we are taking the newly delivered wood and making a Holz Hausen. 

Beginning of Holz Hausen

We ended up starting to bring wood inside before we finished  the Holz Hausen