Oct 24, 2011

Fresh Free Range Eggs VS. Store Bought

Fresh egg on left, store bought on right

I can't taste the difference between them if they are used as an ingredient or mixed with other things. But, if I'm eating plain scrambled eggs, I can taste the difference between the two. There's more of an egg flavor. Don't really know how to describe it beyond that.My parents can't make a distinction between the two though. Free-range eggs are undoubtedly healthier.“It’s like the difference between fresh and canned vegetables. There are more nutrients available in the fresh” [1]

When my chickens get into the blackberries growing on the side of my property, the egg yolks can get pretty dark. The yolks take on a very dark orange color, almost red. Also in the spring, before the greenery really comes out, the yolks are usually a lighter color. 
Taking in early spring. Store bought on left, mine on right. The yolks haven't taken on too dark of a color yet.
After having my chicken's eggs for a summer... the "large" eggs from the store seem so tiny! Or the producers have changed their rating guidelines!

Store bought on left, mine on right.