Jul 16, 2011

This Years Garden

The garden is doing well so far. The bottom leaves on my tomato plants were all starting to turn brown and die. I looked online to see what it might be. I read that it could be from the heat and too little watering. Ever since I've been watering them more, and it seems to have stopped the brown leaves from spreading.

My corn has done very well this year. I think I may plant a whole bunch more outside the fence next year.

Perfect little watermelon

A sea of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew vines

I planted a bunch of basil, thinking it was regular basil. Turned out to be lemon basil, oh well.

This is the first year I'm growing luffa. They have these strange little up-shoots. I'm wondering if this will turn into the luffa gourds.
I just planted 2 zucchini plants, thinking they wouldn't completely inundate me. I was wrong. I'm regularly getting 1-2 large zucchinis a day and they're just getting started.