Feb 22, 2016

The Sorcery Code Review

As an avid fantasy reader I've really enjoyed the works of Brent Weeks, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and Steven Erickson. When it came up as an option on Tomoson, I jumped on the chance to receive this ebook in exchange for my honest review!

Mar 26, 2015

Electric Fence for my Nigerian Dwarf Goats

I've heard that a lot of people have had issues with electric fences when it comes to keeping in Nigerian Dwarf goats. Therefore, I wanted to make sure it worked for my goats before posting anything about it. I have had goats in this set-up for almost a year. It currently holds in three adult does and one nine week old doeling. I would also like to mention that there are no bucks on my property and that may be a big part of why my electric fence works. All of my goats have never been around an electric fence so of course they did test it. It has 6 strands of wire, almost 4' high.

Jan 23, 2015

Crazy Winter Laying Chicken

In the seasonal world of chicken cycles, usually hens stop laying eggs during the winter. There is a correlation between the shorter hours of light and whether they'll produce or not. Some people work around this natural process by adding lights with timers inside the chicken coop for after the chickens go to bed. This set-up will allow the chickens to lay just about all year. I've always thought it wasn't worth the trade-off of electricity costs and the few amount of chickens I have. I also think if nature does it one way, it's probably best for the chicken to continue that path. Thus I'm always stuck with buying faded yellow yolked eggs from the store during the winter. 

Dec 17, 2014

DIY Gate

When DH and I first put up our electric fence, we used part of a hog panel screwed into one of our posts as a temporary gate. It was heavy and unruly, but alas temporary fixes usually aren't the best. My DH finished building me an actual gate a few days ago. He used 3 layers of 1 x 4's with metal garden fencing sandwiched in between along with various sized hex bolts securing it all together. The pdf plan that he used: Hoover Fence

Nov 13, 2014

Bathroom Renovation with Penny Floor!

Well it took months, but my copper penny bathroom reno is done! Now that it's complete I don't want to see another penny in my life!

Oct 3, 2014

Another Goat!

Picked up a sweet little goat today. I think this now means we officially have a herd?! Thankfully we didn't have to drive multiple hours for this one! Her name is Night Above Himalia, now nicknamed Cookie. She has been exposed to Night Above Galileo for late February/Early March babies.

Born: 4/6/2011
Gold with white poll and frosting
Blue Eyes
Adga: D1644156
Ags: D-62704

Sep 27, 2014

Yearly Garden Cleanup

That time of year has come to clean out the rest of the leftovers in the garden for the fall. It's a sign that I will no longer get fresh home-grown goodies for another few months. Alas, it must be done.

Just look at the size of that banana pepper!