Jul 11, 2011

Chicken Coop is Finito!

After a very long while the coop is complete! It's built mostly from salvaged wood and materials. 

Cleared out area for coop and pen
After painting the frame, notice the garden timbers??

For the most part the chickens get to free-range on five acres during the day and are penned up for the night. They've recently discovered the collection of blackberry bushes on the edge of my property that's right up against my neighbors driveway. Hopefully, they won't decide to go exploring farther than the bushes :-/

The walls of the run are a bit higher than I had originally planned. They go up about 7 feet 
There's a sliding door, but it usually just stays open
A view of the nesting boxes, poop board, and the roost
I cut down one of my sumac trees for a natural roost pole
Side view, where the nesting boxes are
The nesting boxes can slide back and forth with a little bit of effort. I have it positioned all the way to the left until I put type of some cleanable surface on the roof of the boxes since one side will be under the roost a bit.
People door for cleaning on the left