Jul 11, 2011

Got My First Egg Today!!

Today I went outside to take photos of the chicken coop- it's finally done! I will not say how long it took us to finish everything, but it was way too long. Well, you know what I found?

An egg!! I saw one of my leghorn's coming out of the coop today, but I figured she was just exploring. It was a nice surprise when I went to take a photo of the nesting boxes. She was hatched on 2/18/11, so she was about 20 weeks old. A lot older than usual - but it's probably because they are mostly free-ranged. Therefore they didn't grow and mature as quickly as they could have.

She laid it right in the box - first try!

Egg on the left is one from the store

Suspected egg layer

I'm hoping my other two leghorn's start laying soon. In a couple of weeks, all my chickens should be laying. Hopefully, I won't have to buy another carton of eggs anytime soon! Wouldn't that be something?