Oct 3, 2014

Another Goat!

Picked up a sweet little goat today. I think this now means we officially have a herd?! Thankfully we didn't have to drive multiple hours for this one! Her name is Night Above Himalia, now nicknamed Cookie. She has been exposed to Night Above Galileo for late February/Early March babies.

Born: 4/6/2011
Gold with white poll and frosting
Blue Eyes
Adga: D1644156
Ags: D-62704
Sire - JCH Mountain Farm Bo Frankie
Cream with Blue eyes born 9/12/09
SS: Country Bumpkins TLF Bocephus
(Rosasharn TL Tiger's 'Lfin *S x Wooly Dog Down Rosy Wnterberry) 
SD: Caesar's Villa Sens Sweetheart
(Caesar's Villa P Perferd Stock x Caesar's Villa STS Sensational)

Dam - Night Above Columbia
DS: Enchanted Hill Woodrat
(MCH Enchanted Hill Haiku x Enchanted Hill Field Mouse)
DD: Denali Acres Comet
(MCH PromedLand Paddington x Denali Acres CH Prancer

Chloe and Zoey intrigued by new goat 
One of the adorable babies at Night Above