Dec 17, 2014

DIY Gate

When DH and I first put up our electric fence, we used part of a hog panel screwed into one of our posts as a temporary gate. It was heavy and unruly, but alas temporary fixes usually aren't the best. My DH finished building me an actual gate a few days ago. He used 3 layers of 1 x 4's with metal garden fencing sandwiched in between along with various sized hex bolts securing it all together. The pdf plan that he used: Hoover Fence

The plan isn't perfect so I would suggest you go over them carefully before starting your endeavor. If you're using 1 x 4's instead of the 5.5" that the plan uses, the diagonal boards have to be longer than 8'. Also, if he were to do it again he would just have the "E" board on the bottom span the entire length, it would add more stability to the gate.

Bottom corner of the gate that attaches to pole and bottom brace