Sep 27, 2014

Yearly Garden Cleanup

That time of year has come to clean out the rest of the leftovers in the garden for the fall. It's a sign that I will no longer get fresh home-grown goodies for another few months. Alas, it must be done.

Just look at the size of that banana pepper!

This years garden cleanup yielded quite a bit of food. I ended up pickling 6 quarts of those banana peppers! I also got two trays of eggplant parm, about a quart of sunflower seeds, many BLTs, and a big bowl of beets that I roasted in a rosemary & olive oil mix. I ended up putting all of my chickens and goats in the garden to clean up any leftovers that I had missed or not bothered with.

Whenever I harvest banana peppers for pickling, I always make sure they're yellow instead of green. The first couple times I tried pickling banana peppers they would always come out bitter, until I decided to let them ripen a bit more.

The chickens are having a ball with the burning bushes on the property. They'll be cleaned up in no time too!