Jan 19, 2013

Snow and No Power!

After 2 days without, I have power once again. Thick, wet snow blanketed the western region of Virginia on Thursday, January 17th. I held no ill will towards the power company whatsoever and was actually kind of surprised it didn't take longer to restore. The bushes on my property were flattened to the ground, I can just imagine all the branches/trees that came down on power lines and poles. Thursday night after the bulk of the snow had fallen I could hear branches breaking in the distance.

I'm lucky in that I have a wood stove to make things easy. It keeps the house warm, I can cook on it, melt snow for extra water, I was even able to wash my hair with warm water this morning! I don't think I will ever live in a house without a wood stove. I'm not too fond of generators, they're loud, they stink, and they aren't too efficient.

I think we ended up getting almost a foot
The chickens did not want to venture out of their coop yesterday
The best thing about the power being out? I was able to take some amazing night photos without the interference of surrounding ambient light.