Oct 10, 2012

No Honey for Winter

When you have new bees, going on a long vacation may not be the best idea. Before I left for vacation I had been feeding my bees sugar syrup to boost their stores for the winter. After being away for almost two weeks, I came back to find that for one reason or another they hardly had any honey left. In the fall bees stock up for the winter since they can't leave the hive once it dips below 50°. Beekeepers say that about 80-100 lbs of honey will suffice, I doubt I even have 20 lbs. At this point, I will cut my loses and stop feeding them since they won't be able to get enough stores anyway. If they make it awesome! If not, I will take what I have learned and will pick up a swarm from one of my beekeeping friends come spring.

Had the end of the beach all to
ourselves in Hanauma Bay
On another note, Oahu is gorgeous! If you're going there do some hunting and go to one of the lesser traveled beaches. The most well known area, Waikiki is very crowded and not nearly as nice as other beaches!