Jul 16, 2012

The Birds and The Bees

No, no, silly not those birds and bees! Chickens and honeybees of course! What have they to do with one another you ask? Many times I have found that when a person has bees they usually own some chickens as well. It goes along with the whole homesteading idea. Why buy eggs or honey when you can get them for free on your own property?

There is a beneficial relationship between the two as well, at least on the chicken side of things.

A lot of beekeepers believe drones to be quite the headache. Drones are the male bees in the hive while all the worker bees are female. You see drones aren't exactly beneficial to the hive they come from. Sure, they go out and fertilize other queens in the area, but they can be seen as a burden in their home hive. They don't forage, care for young, or prepare any of the honey they're mooching off of. Hell, drones don't even have stingers to defend the hive with! When I was first building my hive I was planning on just letting the drone cells be and not bother with cutting them out or smooshing them in their cells. But, one day while doing a quick peek in my hive I noticed a whole comb worth of drone larvae (front and back). At first I thought I would just put the whole bar of comb in my freezer and put it back when the larvae was good and dead. Then I thought, what a waste of good chicken treats!

The following video is the shenanigans that followed my idea.