Apr 10, 2012

Best Small Appliance in the Kitchen

If you love bread, you would absolutely love having a bread machine!! I thought I was fine occasionally making my bread by hand, but then I received a bread machine as a gift. Let me tell you it's so much more enjoyable and now there is always delicious bread in the house. It's so easy too!

Simply add the ingredients to the pan, usually wet ingredients first
Choose the course
A few hours later viola - beautiful, delicious bread
The bread machine I use and the handy book that goes very well with it (I call it my bread bible):

I can make so many different things with this machine it's incredible. I've made different types of bread, pizza dough, bagels, and it even does meatloaf and jams - waiting for my strawberries to come out to try that last one.
yummy egg bagels