Nov 21, 2011

Geospring Hot Water Heater

I just had to post about this, because I'm so excited about it. Alex and I recently got quite a deal on a hybrid hot water heater at Lowe's. We were looking to buy a more energy efficient unit and the geospring fit our needs perfectly. At first we thought it was a bit expensive. But, with the potential energy savings, GE purports that it should pay itself off in 3 years. I did a lot of research on credits and rebates involved with the unit. Here's how it worked out for us:
Geospring Hot Water Heater at Lowe's - $1399 + $65 in taxes
- 140 with a 10% off coupon
- 300 Federal Tax Credit
- 250 Virginia State Rebate
- 200 Recyclebank Rebate
$574 - Which is the price of a regular high end heater

* The Virginia Rebate Program also expects all rebate funds will have been reserved by Nov. 12th (I reserved our spot about a month ago). But there is a waiting queue and you may get lucky.

* The Recyclebank program ends Nov. 30, 2011. It would also be wise to sign up with an account through them. Sign up page - Recyclebank.

The water heater is going to be installed next week and I will post how everything works out!!