Nov 28, 2011

Cleaning Glass Door on a Wood Stove

At the end of last year when I first started up my wood stove, I looked online for a quick way to clean the glass on the front. I figured I would pick up stove cleaner the next time I went to the store. Well, the technique I found worked so well and was so easy that I still do it the same way. It just uses some newspaper and water to get the job done. I also don't have to worry about using any chemical cleaners that could emit harmful vapors.

First of course, start with the dirty, glass stove door

Bunch together a little bit of newspaper and dip it in some water to moisten it. Then, dunk the wet newspaper in some fine wood ash in the stove.
I didn't write about this technique when I first started doing it, because I was afraid the ash might scratch up the glass. But, after a season of doing it, the glass is still smooth. Just be careful not to pick up a big chunk of charcoal or something when dipping the newspaper. I'm sure that wouldn't be good for the glass.

Next, lightly go over the whole panel with the moistened ash in circular motions
This makes it easier to get the tough particles off the glass the second go around.
Dip the newspaper back in the water if it starts getting dry. Not so much water that it's dripping everywhere, shake it off a bit if it does get too wet. Go back to the glass and put some elbow grease on the tough spots. 

Wipe it down with the dryer side of the newspaper or with a dry paper towel
Finally, just enjoy the beautiful flames of your wood stove!