Feb 20, 2011

Infrared Thermometers

One of the most handy things that I've used since the stove was installed, is an infrared thermometer. It's like a little gun that when you point it at something with the laser is reads the surface temperature of that object. Since I do some cooking on the stove its great to have so I know what areas of my stove are hot. The HDE has a temperature range of -26 to 716. The top of my stove is usually about 300-400 degrees.

It also has many of useful applications. Think you have air leaks from the windows or doors in your house? Go around your house and point the thermometer at anything you may think is suspect. You'll easily be able to find your problem areas!

I'm getting an order of chicks from Murray McMurray's in the next couple days. I just set up my brooder. My brooder is a 93 gallon corner aquarium that hasn't been in use for years. Newspaper and paper towels were laid down and the heat lamp was attached to the top edge of my aquarium. The little thermometer that I had purchased to go on the inside on the glass of the tank, wasn't really giving me a good reading. So I got my infrared thermometer checked out a few areas of the bottom of the brooder. I ended up having to lower the heat lamp, but now it's at a perfect temperature and ready for its new occupants.


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