Feb 23, 2011

Got my chicks from McMurray today!

Got my first set of chicks today :-)

I ordered 26 (25 meat and egg combo, as well as an easter egg hen) + the one free exotic. I got 29 chicks!

My exotic was a white crested black polish. That one didn't make it - another two aren't doing too well either.

I got an email on Sunday saying they were shipped out. "Shipment Accepted in Saint Paul, MN at 1:44 AM..." I thought it was weird, that they shipped them out in the middle of the night. The email said that they should arrive on Monday or Tuesday. I suppose they didn't factor in that it was a holiday on Monday so they didn't get here until this morning (Wed.).

On the box it says they were hatched on the 18th. I was mortified picking them up this morning. I figured I'd have a big box of dead chicks after being in transit for 4 days.  :-/

This is the tiny box they came in - I didn't understand how 25+ chicks could fit in there. Then I opened the box and saw why. They're so tiny!

I have a feeling that McMurray got my order wrong... and sent me all meat birds. They seem to all be Cornish and Dark Cornish chicks minus my Easter egger, which I did get. I have to do some more research to make sure.

Update: Now that the chicks are almost 5 weeks old. I know that McMurray didn't get my order wrong. Some of the yellow chicks that I thought were Cornish actually ended up being Leghorns. After the loses, I ended up with 8 layers and 14 meaties. The layers consist of 2 Easter Eggers, 2 Rhode Island Reds or Red Sex Links, and 4 White Leghorns. 


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