May 9, 2012

Dirty Little Birdy

Almost had a revisit of the post: Chimney Pipe Discovery yesterday. I was woken up by a scratching noise. Thought it was just the chickens scratching at the landscaping next to the house. The longer it went on though, the less I thought it was my chickens. So I got up to investigate the matter. The noise was coming from the chimney pipe of our wood stove. I quickly grabbed a plastic bag to put around the bottom of the pipe while I lifted it up to catch whatever was in there. I figured it was a bird, I don't get many squirrels around the house, let alone ones that climb onto the roof. The bag didn't help much, the bird just flew out at me once there was enough room. It flew to the kitchen, I dashed towards it to keep the lurking cat at bay. Grabbed my stove gloves and carefully picked up the bird who had flown into one of my houseplants. I gave the bird a little rinse, because it was covered in soot, took a quick photo, and sent it on its way. I watched it fly past my neighbors house and was satisfied with my good deed of the day.

Really need to put that hardware cloth on the chimney cap this year...