Feb 6, 2012

Ginormous Egg

Many chicken owners implement different techniques to keep their chickens laying through the winter. Chickens naturally decrease or stop laying eggs as the days get shorter during the winter months. Most people put up lights inside the chicken coop to artificially extend their egg laying season. Personally, I don't feel this is natural and I let them be. 

As of mid January my chickens had not laid an egg since late October. Out of the blue I decided to dump some chicken feed into their calcium pellet bowl (which they haven't touched in months). The next day there was an egg! Now, every once in awhile I'll mix in some calcium pellets with their feed before I scatter it around the yard. The chickens had a nice little egg laying break and since the weather has been so nice, they can start earning their keep again.

The other day I opened up the nesting box and picked out an egg. And boy was it big! Yes, my hand is small so this picture is a bit deceptive, but it's definitely the biggest they've ever laid! I believe only 2 of my white leghorns are laying so I get about one or two eggs a day.