Mar 22, 2011

The Garden is Tilled

Last year when my boyfriend and I were first starting the garden, we had to start it the hard way. We picked out a spot on the property that was slopped towards the south. This way the garden would get loads of sunlight. Then we started preparing the ground with a tiller. Wait, did I say a tiller?? No, that would've been the easy, most sane way of doing it. Well, no one within an hour of us rents out tillers. Also, since we had just bought our house, we really didn't feel like splurging on a new tiller either. So, we shoveled. We labored at the matted, overgrown areas of grass that were a bundle of mess, for days.

This year it was much easier. My mom gave us her old tiller that she didn't use anymore. It's a beast to start and is probably as big as I am. But, holy crap it's so much easier! I had the garden ready for planting, all by myself in about 2 hours :-D
Granted it wasn't very weedy, but I still feel accomplished.


After: Gypsy enjoying all the loose dirt.


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